Every USA original series typically uses character-based footage to bookend or “package” promotional material for an entire season.  The purpose of these packages is to raise awareness of each of USA’s originals by showcasing tune-in information and other messaging.

This video is about Package

The task is to create compelling moments that feel in line with an entire season,  without the use of dialogue and while assuring the quality of the footage matches USA’s brand guidelines.  With budget in mind, the challenge is to get as much variety as possible from a single location, within a limited timeframe.

We achieved this by partnering with talented commercial directors who provided a premium production quality to each shoot.  Together, we developed scenes for the talent to showcase their characters in diverse locations that demonstrated the unique quality of each show while adhering to the USA brand. 

As Creative Director, I researched and selected the directors for each package. Once awarded, I worked closely with them to compose and choreograph each moment. After the shoot, and color correction, my team led the integration of the messaging. I managed and art directed the designers who built a unified toolkit of assets that could be used throughout the season to promote each of USA’s originals.