The Sinner is about the innate desire to know the truth. It asks viewers how far they would go to seek not only the truth, but justice.

To sell this show, we needed to separate it from other crime dramas and knew that we had some powerful differentiators.

Viewers will know that a crime has happened, who did it, but no one will know why, not even the killer. This is where we had to lean in.

We wanted to create an eerily uncomfortable portrait of the protagonist, Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel) to show off her venerability and solace. So we set out to capture imagery of Cora alone in the water, hired photographer Nadav Kander and proceeded to create a twenty foot pool on the seventh floor of Milk Studios in NYC.


After shooting in the tank for the better part of the day, we decided to have Jessica drape herself in soaking wet clothes and shot her as we projected eerie photos against a seamless backdrop.

This is where we ended up with the final key art.


I was a creative design lead on this project and was responsible for strategy, concept and initial design. I briefed design agencies and worked closely with the photographer on set. I managed internal and external teams to create assets for on-air, digital and social use.