Mr. Robot - promotional packaging

Mr. Robot, a USA original series is the story of vigilante hacker by night, cyber security technician by day, Elliot Alderson.  The dark nature of Mr. Robot is miles away from the blue skies outlook of typical USA Network, and called for a departure from the traditional style of promotion.    


For this type of show, portraits of the protagonist mugging to camera would have been a disconnect.  We needed to re-think our approach.  

How do you visually represent the personality of a hacker?  Knowing we needed to find a way for audiences to identify with the troubled protagonist, we pursued an alternative to the expected device of computer glitches and instead employed a number of prisms, mirrors, and other gizmos to achieve a fractured portrait of our anti-hero. Imagery of characters and landscapes were projected through the rig onto a screen and each piece of this Rube Goldberg machine spun, twirled and hummed.  The result was a beautiful and disruptive snapshot of Elliot’s shattered personality.

MR Robot BTS_00001.png
MR Robot BTS_00002.png